Woman falls off cell tower in Texas!

Wireless Estimator article, http://www.wirelessestimator.com/breaking_news.cfm

From what Wireless Estimator says it must be SBA tower TX13430-A, the Carter Ranch site.This must have been a horrible thing and from what I can tell no one seems to really know what happened except the people that were on site.

UPDATED: ok, I am in contact with someone who claims this was her first climb, she may have been a new climber for an unnamed company! Still awaiting confirmation. 

UPDATE: Word on Facebook is that this woman was not a climber, but I still a rumor! I need confirmation!

A woman fell off a tower 10 miles west of Eden on Saturday morning, according to a news report, click here.

Eden EMS reported to the scene and took here to Concho County Hospital where she died soon after.

Local Sheriff said her name was Stephanie Gurney of San Angelo. May she rest in peace.

I don’t have any details on why she was in the air, if you do please let me know.

Sadly, this looks like the first tower fatality of 2015.


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