Field Worker’s Aid for Tower Site Work

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I put together a book of helpful hints and link to help the tower site worker find helpful notes quickly. For cell tower work and tower climbing or field workers. If you are working at a tower site then this is a must have. Putting my years of experience to work for all tower workers, climbers, and field engineers. I put together something that would be a helpful in the field. Here is something the wireless field worker will use, whether you’re a tower climber or an engineer or making repairs at the tower site. A convenient quick reference guide to help the wireless field worker at a tower site handle some tasks. I cover Ohms Law, knots, electrical terms, frequency allocations, emergency care, and more. I made this eBook to assist you in a pinch. Working at a remote tower site is no easy task, so you should have something handy as a reference. Feel free to print it out or keep it on your laptop. I put this together for tower site workers to have easy access to information they may need. I hope you enjoy my new book, I wanted to make you something you would find valuable. Let me know what you think!


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So here is what is in it, quick references to information you need to know at the tower site. I have Crane signals since it looks like cranes might be used more at sites. These signals could also be used between the guy in the air and the guy on the ground operating the winch. I put in first aid information to help you out in case something happens while you are out at the tower site and there is no quick way to get help. You need to be ready for anything. I have some information on knots, because they are used all the time and its nice to have a reference. I also put in wire gauge information. Lockout tag out information is included with worksheets to use if you are on site doing electrical work. I thought that if someone is working on replacing a beacon this could help them out. There is also some common terminology in this for you to reference concerning Ohms law and electrical terms. And there is a magnetic offset chart for those of you working with dish alignment.

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The idea of the PDF was to allow you to print it out or let you quickly reference it on your laptop.

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