Climber Falls 90 Feet to his Death

A climber working in the state game lands near Rote, Pa, near Danville and Loch Haven, fell 90 feet to his death. This is very sad news and one that didn’t get much attention. The accident happened September 25th. There was a crew of 5 working on the tower. Lamar Police Chief, Martin Salinas spoke to the Express, a local paper in Loch Haven and gave the report.

Matthew Vance fell off the tower while working on it. Life Flight was brought in to fly the man to Loch Haven Hospital in an effort to save him, this was at 11AM local time. At this time it is unknown if Vance dies on the helicopter or at the hospital.

Good Will Hose Company was the rescue team that showed up for assistance. The Express is working to find out more, their link is below.

I am trying to learn more about Vance and what happened. Any information is appreciated.–dies.html?nav=5200

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