Tower Worker Seriously Injured from Electrical Shock!

While working for Surf Air Wireless, John Richardson, 24 years old, from Michigan City touched some electrical wires while on the tower. He had to be airlifted to Memorial Hospital. There was a worker on the ground who called it in. They say there was a bright flash when he touched the lines. he is very lucky to be alive, but he is in serious condition!

When emergency workers got there he was hanging limp and seriously burned. He did NOT fall, his harness held him in place. Apparently he touched the wires and they rendered him unconscious. Hi coworker called 911 immediately. With electrical wires nearby it would have been very dangerous to go near him.

No idea how that happened.  He was doing a broadband deployment near New Carlisle, In.

All feedback is appreciated, please send to!

Tower Safety 480-313-0678


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