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Here are some products to help the Wireless Industry!

Below are the digital products that will help you along your way. Starting out in tower climbing? Working at tower sites? Working with a scope of work? Not logging your high time? Learn more! Click on any of the pictures below to get more information. 


It’s here, the Wireless Deployment Handbook!

The LTE Small Cells, CRAN, and DAS edition! 
Cover V7 LTE


Tower Climber Logbook

Do you know how many hours you were on the tower last year? What about how many hours you were driving? Well why not? I created this template just for you!

Tower Worker Logbook


Wireless Deployment SOW Training

It’s time you for you to learn more about the SOW! You should get paid for your work! I put this video together to show you what to look for in your SOW! From writing it to execution, you need to know what to look for!

SOW Training Cover


Field Worker’s Aid for Tower Site Work eBook

Here is a reference book that you can use for Crane signals, first aid reference, and some guidelines when you are at the tower site!

Wireless Field Worker's cover V2


Tower Climbing: An Introduction

New to tower climbing? Learn about the business and prepare for your new career!

Available in eBook or Audiobook!

W4W Cover 4sw

Let me know how I can help, what you need, and if this helped, give me feedback!


Interested in gaining your CCNA? I have an affiliate with a great study guide! Learn more, Click Here!

To become a certified project manager you need to take your Project Management Professional Certification test. Then will be a certified PMP, Project Management Professional. If you are studying or preparing for it then my partner can help. Click Here!

When working in project management it really helps to have some templates to get started. I have a partner that has the toolkit you need! If you need some tools then I think this will help. Get some templates and tools that would help you improve your PM work. Click Here! If you are on your mobile then scan this.

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